Why Are We Here ‘Take Time to Reflect’


Why are we here, on this earth? This is a deep thought provoking question. Why are we here for such a limited expanse of time, could be 100 or even more if we are lucky or some might say unlucky?

There are many ways of thinking on this subject, and there are two major ways of thinking. Which are we are created by higher design {created by God} or started through evolution.

So are we here by chance, with no real reason, purpose or destiny. Once our being {body] keels over in death, we become dust of the ground again, because it is all over for us.

Bit if we are created by design, with this we must have, real reason, real purpose and real destiny.

Again we could go back to that chance thinking and come up with, that may be there is, creative design by a higher being, but we still return to nothing, after our allotted time.

But creative design by a higher being, must give us higher purpose in life, with real destiny that comes with choices. Our choices not just choices of self interest, that will lead to a selfish and lonely life, but a choice to live in relationship with our creator.

Created by Higher design {by God} gives us freedom to choose, and we can walk in destiny and purpose, for which we are created.

Genesis 1 verse 1: Gives us grounding and purpose, that we are not accidental blobs of dying chemical mysteriously evolving from primordial sludge without purpose and meaning.

Genesis 1 verse1: Gives us a past grounding in the Glory of the God, whose image we bear.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, for relationship, purpose and destiny with and in the image of The God that created us. He not only created us with purpose and destiny, but He also loves us.

Know who you are and why we are here, to have fellowship and relationship, with our loving God. Who created us for such a time as this. we are not mistakes we are eternal beings, with choices to walk in the presence of an awesome Lord  and Friend.

Dear brother and sisters in Christ, we have an awesome destiny, with awesome purposes and choices in our life, Choice wisely.

God Bless.


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