Faith In Action ‘Back To The Beginning’ Flashback


When I first started driving taxi’s, it was reluctantly, I didn’t really want to do it, but I needed to do something to get an income, because I never want to be dependent on any organization.   But I know that My Lord and My Friend put me on this path for a reason, even if I couldn’t see it, and I know that one day, He will tell me why.

Being a promise keeping God, I’ve found that he’s true to His word, “I will never leave me or forsake me.” Even though I don’t necessarily enjoy doing what I’m doing, He is always with me, and He allows me to see and do some amazing things with Him.

To this day I’ve always remember one of my first experiences as a driver; I was called out to a medical center to pick up an older lady. I pulled up as close as I could get to the medical center, giving her less distance to travel to reach my car. After waiting a while this little old lady shuffled out, and I mean shuffled! Just getting her in the car proved to be an effort.

When she finally got in, I asked her where she was going, as it turned out she only needed to go a short distance, but due to her impaired walking ability she wasn’t able to walk it. Inquisitive, I asked her about her condition as to why she shuffled so bad. I can’t remember what she told me, but it made my heart swell with compassion. After listening to her story I asked her if she had a faith in God.

She told me that she used to go to church regularly, but couldn’t now due to her condition. I told her that God still loved her despite her doubts, and asked if I could pray for her before she left the taxi.

She was stunned and said nobody in her whole life had asked if they could pray for her, not even her minister, in all her years at church.

When we reached her place I did pray and asked My Lord and My Friend to bless her in a special way.

Immediately her countenance changed, a big smile came to her face, and I helped her out of the car. I couldn’t help but marvel at the wonderful joy that God brings us.

I still remember vividly as I was driving away, that when I turned to see if she was okay, she wasn’t shuffling to her house but walking. I was amazed! She turned to face me and waved as I drove off.

It’s not hard to listen and share your faith with someone, as I found out that day. You never know, who you could be talking to or why? I could have kept my mouth shut in the taxi and made small talk, but instead I saw her through the same eyes that God saw her with, and His compassion, His love and His joy overwhelmed me. How could I not speak?

For any of our readers today needing, a need fulfilled, ask and keep on asking, He will respond. Often in a way you never expected!

I am still driving, and the Ministry is growing, now I am finding It hard to cut back on the driving, due to the joy of sharing about Our Lord and Our Friend. Most nights when I am driving, I keep in contact with {Michael] The Kid, to let Him know what I am up to, and if it is a difficult night Michael provides the encouragement.

The journey each of us is on, has highs and lows, and as much as we need to encourage others, there are times we need to be encouraged ourselves.

Flashback: From the Old Fellow John, {OFJ}

God Bless

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