Faith in Action ‘Remembering Who we Are’


In Zechariah We have a great example of God’s Mercy.

Zechariah 3 v 2 to 4: In this vision Zechariah saw The Lord step in and defend his High Priest Joshua from the attacks of Satan. Zechariah saw the filthy clothes of the High priest {which represented sin} removed. Zechariah watched as The Lord ordered Joshua to be fitted in clean clothes {representing righteousness}. This was to point out that God is merciful! God transforms guilty sinners into forgiven followers.

Sometimes there is a strange thought around, that we Christians imagine ourselves to be better, than other people. We do not and should not. We are not better than anyone else, we are not loved more than anyone else. The fact is we have just seen and received the Mercy of God through His Son Christ Jesus. We should be now be serving and walking with the same energy of Love, He has for us all.

We have become sinners saved by Grace, Kingdom People, which is why we are not down trodden, despair driven, lost, forsaken or overcome. This doesn’t mean we don’t feel these emotions at times, but we have a comforter who is The Holy Spirit. But when we do feel defeated by our own sinfulness and discouragement by accusation by the prince of this world {Satan], it is important to remember that God wants to forgive, restore and renew us, and we need to come before the Throne of Grace and Mercy again.

So whatever life throws at us, we are held secure by the great hope, of Faith, that we we have in Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend.

Kingdom people, lives have been changed, changed to reflect the life we have in Christ. we have a an exciting unshakeable light and life burning within us, which is to be used for His Glory, so other may know Him too.

Religious people may think they are better than other people, but no religion can do anything real positive for you. Christianity though classed as a religion is a new way of life, with the King of Kings and Lord Of Lord living through our lives.

Galatians 2 verse 20: “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The Life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in The Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me”.

But we will always be a sinner saved by Grace, letting our lives be transformed by that Grace. Our Life now becomes all about Him and less about ourselves.

God Bless.

O F J.

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