Never Lose The Golden Rule


Again here is a Grand Old Hymn, still timely fro us all to day.

Nothing has changed through the centuries and The Word knew it from the beginning, and instructed us to Love God, and Love our neighbors as ourselves, so our lives can always be filling and refreshed,

V1: Never lose the golden rule, keep it stll in view;

Do to others as you wold they should do to you.

Kindly gently, in their burden bear a part. Meekly childing with a loving heart.

Never lose the Golden Rule, keep it still in your view:

Do to aothers as you would they should do to you.

V2 Help the feeble ones along, cheer the faint and weak;

To the sorrow-laden heart words of comfort speak.

Freely, freely from the bounty of your store,

Cheerful givers, help the humbler poor.

V2: Love The Lord, the first command, with the soul and mind;

Love your neighbor as thyself, both in one combined.

Justly, justly, with each other strive to live.

Ever ready, willing to forgive.

This is an Oldie and a Goodie, The Golden Rule.

God Bless.


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