People Of Faith ‘Hosea’


Hosea was a prophet of ancient Israel whose sphere of activity was the northern kingdom. Little is known of him outside of the prophetic book that bears his name

Who would want Hosea’s assignment from the Lord? Want to marry someone who will break your heart? Or be a flesh and blood demonstration of how God’s heart was broken by his own creation’s rejection.

Incredibly, there is no record that Hosea objected to the Lord’s command. Instead, we read only the outpouring of love reflected through the passionate words of God himself.

The circumstances surrounding the marriage of Hosea form the catalyst for his prophetic message. God instructed Hosea to marry Gomer, who was apparently a harlot; his marriage to Gomer provided an analogy with God’s people, who were guilty of spiritual adultery.

Hosea truly loved his wife, and also accepted Gomer’s daughter and son as his own, Later after he married Gomer, Hosea paid again to rescue his wife from the bondage of prostitution and the shame of her many sins.

We are not called to marry a rebellious, unfaithful, lover. But like Hosea, we are called to make God’s love tangible to others around us, especially to those who are running from Him.

The story of Hosea’s sacrificial love for the lady, God instructed him to marry, is a glimpse of the coming Love and Lover of our soul, Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}

But Our Lord an Our Friend paid more than silver and barley for us, He paid with His own life, to buy us back. {Romans 5 verses 6 and 8}.

Hosea displayed sacrificial love, as a type of sacrificial love that Jesus embraces us with. and because of what Our Lord and Our Friend has done for us, we can also love anyone He brings into our lives.

Hosea displayed obedience, a type of obedience that took Christ Jesus to The cross, when God The Father asked. we can also be obedient to any calling He may have for us.

Read about Hosea in The Book by his name, and be encouraged by his wonderful testimony.

God Bless.

O F J.

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