God’s Love


This is a guest article for my cousin Ruth, who has previous given us her testimony to us, to use. Ruth had a hard life, and Our Lord and Our Friend, set her free from a cult that control her life. So if anyone would like to write to cousin Ruth about her experiences in the cult and now her new freedom in Christ, please feel free to write to Ruth, through this site’

This is Ruth Poem “GOD’S LOVE”


God’s Love



Over and over I hear the words


“God loves you very, very much


You are precious in his sight


It’s so beautiful to feel his touch



He welcomes me with open arms


Holding me in a warm embrace


He tells me that I am his Child


No one could ever take his place



He’s been there for me so many times


When life hasn’t been too kind


Supporting and uplifting my soul


Where else could I such love find?



He took me from the miry clay


Giving me eternal life through him


Bearing my sicknesses and pain


Never leaving me out on a limb



As I meditate on him day and night


It never ceases to amaze me


Of the unconditional love he bestows


And the tender mercies that set me free





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