True Power Belongs To God


Do you know the difference between a Miracle and a magic trick? Can you discern between the Holy Spirit’s activities, that are effective in changing lives to someone just using the Name of The Holy Spirit to bring glory to themselves?

In Acts 8 verses 9 to 25, we read the story of Simon The Sorcerer. Simon knew all about power. The Samaritan people,from the least to the greatest, often spoke of Simon the sorcerer as ‘the great one- the power of God. Simon was very influential because of the magic he performed.

Simon’s world was rocked, when Philip came preaching the Good News about Jesus Christ. Through Philips prayers, the sick were healed, the demon possessed were released from bondage, and hearts were transformed. That is the true Power Of God, bringing transformation to lives.

Simon was so impressed that he made a profession of faith and followed Philip and the Apostles around. Simon had lost, his effect as a sorcerer, so what was the real reason he was following? Was he a sincere believer? Or was he just jealous, and waiting to steal back the success, he once had, through deception.

The truth came out when Simon watched the Holy Spirit given to the Samaritan believers. He was amazed and thought to himself, I must get that power for myself. So Simon offered money to Peter, thinking that the power could be bought. Peter sternly rebuked Simon for his evil thoughts, and the bitterness in his heart.

The Holy Spirit comes to live in everyone who becomes a follower of Christ {Christian}. The Holy Spirit Power works in all of us, to further God’s Glory and honor. The praise for us using this Power of the Holy Spirit that resides in us as believers, belongs totally to God Alone.

Simon could not understand, that all the things available to us as Children of God {We become a Child of God when we accept Christ Jesus, as Our Savior ,Our Redeemer, Our Lord and Our Friend], is not for sale, it is a gift.

So unlike Simon, lets honor The Holy Spirit, for who He is, and not try to manipulate Him for our own glory. The Name of Jesus is a Powerful Name, and scriptures says many will come in that Name, but not all will use it to bring Glory to God, don’t be fooled by those only trying to manipulate The Power for their own fame

God Bless

O F J.

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