The Need For A Personal Experience Of God


The fact that God has given a revelation of Himself indicates that He intended man and woman to receive that revelation.

The purpose of all the revelation of God is that man may come to know God in a personal way. It is not enough to say I was brought up in a Christian home, or that we sit on a pew {church seat} once a week. It is also not enough for any of us to say they know God in nature, conscience, history, miracles or prophecy.  We were created to know God in a personal way.

We all must come to knowledge of God in an experiential way.

The Scripture gives many examples of God meeting people in a personal way.

The Apostle Peter had a personal experience in Mathew 16 v 17.

The apostle Paul had a personal experience in Acts v 4 to 6.

The Apostle John had a personal experience in Revelation 1 v1 to 12.

We can’t live somebody’s else personal experience, we need to know God for ourselves

God is no respecter of persons, God loves us all individually, it is our choice to love God back in a personal way.

Nothing has changed from creation to now. God wants to have communion with each one of individually.

John 3 verse 16; which we all should know quite well “For God so loved that He gave His Only begotten Son…… for whosoever”, we individually are the whosoever.

Individually not collective through a church. Church are great for individuals to come together, for fellowship, teaching, worship and advancement of the Kingdom. But belonging to a church will not get you into heaven, It is an individual choice to accept or reject Christ Jesus is whether or not we get into heaven.

God’s power is available to us all individually, not because we belong to a church. Our Gifts should be used for the edification others We can be helped to use them through a church, that wants people to grow in their gifting, but not all churches are like that.

I sometimes share how God has help me reach people. My Lord and My Redeemer and My Friend has given me a gift, “Where I can ask Him, ‘Lord what  is it about this person that will help them come to know you more’.”

I was in one of the Christian bookshops we used to own, {Season for the shops has passed} but the gifts on my life remain.

I had the help of a wonderful lady called Emma, who was in her nineties. A lady {Alice} came into the shop from out of town. Emma asked could we both pray for her. At the time Alice declined. We respected that, but Alice was to come back later that day and ask for pray.

God immediately let me know the source of Alice’s problem. Alice was quite surprised at what I revealed, and ask me how I knew that, because when she left earlier, Alice went to her doctor to be treated for that condition. I told Alice God had revealed her condition to me.

Emma and I proceeded to pray for Alice, and we were convinced God had touched Alice. To our surprise Alice didn’t feel any better.

Just as quickly as My Lord My Friend revealed Alice’s condition to me, He also ask me to ask Alice, ‘Why did she consult the soothsayers’. That was definitely something I could not have though of myself.

And that was something that surprised me,because in Alice words, ‘she sat in a pew once a week’ {Meaning she went to church}

Alice clearly surprised by that revelation, told me she was getting her taro read regularly. I went on to tell Alice how did she expect to get anything from God, when she regularly consulted the powers of darkness.  .

Alice followed Emma and myself through the “Sinner Prayer,” which I believe she said for the first time.  We prayed again for Alice, and Alice with tears in her eyes started to wave her arms around because what ever Alice was being treated for had disappeared.

We all thank God together and the biggest miracle was Jesus had now become Alice’s  Lord and Friend. We told Alice to see her doctor again before she left town, as  it is always good to get professional confirmation of a miracle.

God used Emma and I, because we had a personal experience of Him as Our Lord and Our Friend. If God can use me in this way He can use anybody. Be willing to accept a personal walk with God as your Lord and Your Friend.

God is the most wonderful Friend anyone can ever have, if you don’t know Him ask Him to forgive your wrong doings against Him, and just enjoy His Presence around your life. His Presence will transform your life  and remember He said He would never leave or forsake us.

God Bless.


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