Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done


God’s Kingdom come, are probably the most common words use in a Prayer, because they are from The Lord’s Prayer.

Do we really understand what we are praying? God’s Kingdom come, not the ways of man.

God’s Kingdom brings transforming Freedom, that the ways of man have no understanding  A freedom to converse with Our Creator God, a freedom to walk with Him and the freedom to worship Him.

Man’s ways are to put people in boxes, and keep God’s transforming freedom in religious cages of various beliefs.

God’s kingdom is where self is dead, and we live in Him, through all He has for us, compared to the ways of this world ruled by suppression and fear.

The purity of knowing a loving God has virtually been poisoned by man’s form of religion. Nothing has changed over the centuries, what was done by religion to uphold the things of God, crucified Him on a cross, because He was a threat to their very self interest.

The ways of man try to put God in a box as well, and if you are perceived to be unwilling to conform to the ways the world view God, we are maligned as being out of step.

The ways of the world turn the purity of knowing God into a religion, which it was never meant to be.

We all need to seek Our Lord and Our friend afresh, and rid ourselves of the world’s concept of Him.

Most church are teaching people how to be good, but few churches are inspiring people to greatness, for which we all were created.

Thy Kingdom come afresh in our lives Lord Jesus.

God Bless.


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