What God Isn’t


God gets such a bad wrap! He seems to almost get abuse, and criticism, and blame cast upon Him for all manner of things, whether from the Non-Christian or the Christian. We all have our own opinions on how He has let us down, or what He sent against us, or why He lets bad things happen.

Now I know I don’t need to defend God, no one needs to defend Him. He is perfect and blameless, and more than capable of defending Himself, but I just feel, especially in the light of current events, it’d be a great time to go over what God is not. We’ve accepted so many lies of the enemy into our doctrines, or theology or thinking, and ultimately that skews our perception of God.

God IS good all the time. And all the time God is Good.

God IS Not The Author Of Your Mountain. He is The Author Of It’s Removal

We live in a society where we think that God puts things in front of us to test us, or our character, or our commitment to Him, or to grow and to learn. This is wrong. If God is good, he is not sending afflictions or illnesses your way. He didn’t create illness or affliction, He created healing and overcoming. If God is good by nature, he can’t do anything bad. Full stop. If you love someone you don’t give them an infectious illness, or a crippling circumstance to test their resolve or their mettle. You do whatever you can to help. The bible even says that if we, who are evil know how to give good gifts, than how much more does our father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

That verse doesn’t have a question mark on the end of it. It wasn’t a question, but a statement. A fact. A truth. God is good. God is love. God does not want you to go through anything negative, He doesn’t need you to prove anything to Him. He already loves you today, more than he ever could. And that’s the way it will always be. He’s not out to get us. He’s not out cast judgment upon us. People don’t die in natural disastors, or wars, or sickness, or terrorist attacks because God is angry, and it’s His judgment upon the earth. Jesus is the atonement of all of that. He was and is the great intercessor. He was the fulfillment of love. Not the acts of a vengeful, spiteful God.

He wants the best for you. And even though He may not have put that mountain in your life, He can make a way out, He can use the bad, and turn it into good. And He will if you let Him. He already has! He is the Author of the cure, not the disease!

He IS Not Your Storm. He Is It’s Calmer.

Ever been in a situation where you’ve felt deserted or alone and a storm is raging all around you? Well, He is not that storm, He hasn’t left you, nor will He ever.

In fact I believe His word says that He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

He is in fact the hope you have in your heart. The knowledge that no storm can rage forever. He is the awareness of Day after night, of light at the end of even the longest tunnel. He is it’s calmer. He’s the still small voice that whispers to hold. He’s the one that wants you to be like Him and see that He is a miracle worker. That’s normal for Him. It’s who He is, thus who we are. He wants us to see that the same power to calm the storm lives inside us. And that we should pay it no heed. even if the boat looks to be sinking. He wants us to have the surety in His deliverance, that we, like Him can sleep through the storm. Aware that we have the power of God inside us. The power that defeated death, that destroyed sin, that created this world, that healed everyone he touched, on the inside of us.

That is an amazing thing! Seriously just think about that for a second or two. Or even a minute. Get that inside you. Hunger to see it, hunger to be it! Search it out in His word and equip yourself. This world needs us! Oh, how it needs Him through us!

Bad Things Don’t Discriminate Between Good And Bad People

 So we know God is responsible for the bad. So why does he let bad things happen. More importantly, why do bad things happen to good people?

Firstly, bad things happen to bad people too. Bad things happen to all people. It doesn’t have a radar set only for those who have done good. We live in a fallen world dominated by sin. We live in a world of consequences. Not just for our actions, but for the actions of others.

God gave mankind Dominion over all the earth. He gave us rule, even though we turned our backs on Him in the garden. Yet we didn’t pick up the mantle, we left the authority we had over the world and “all the things in it” to pursue much more interesting and important acts like feeling sorry for ourselves.

And yet, our enemy, the man jealous of what we are, of what we mean to God, of what we have with God is a capitalist. And he took our God given dominion, built himself a throne and rules this world. And unfortunately his mandate is to “Steal, kill and destroy.” Take a look around the world, and tell me what you see in abundance. Love, joy, hope, peace, kindness or Death, Destruction and theft?

So why does God do nothing about it?

Well He did. Jesus. And secondly, He created us with free will, and everything we should ever need in Jesus Christ to combat what the enemy throws our way. But we have been so beaten down by the enemies lies that we can’t see it, or believe it. It’s just easier to question God about it, and claim that we can not know His ways, or that things had to happen for a reason. That isn’t so, that’s a lie.

Our God loves me more than anyone else could. He loves you more than anyone else could. And I know that if that is true, and I know just how much my family and friends would do for me in the time of need, I know that God’s love for me is greater than that.

So lets stop assigning Him titles he doesn’t deserve, and encourage each other to discover the amazing power, the power to undo the works of the enemy He has left inside of us! He wants nothing but the best for us all. And he loves us immensely.

And that IS exactly what He is… Love.

Be Blessed

– The Kid

Our prayers and deepest condolences go out to everyone affected by the Tornado’s in Oklahoma, whether directly or indirectly. At this time we pray for peace, we pray for healing, we pray for the love of God to fill you. We pray for your family, and for your hurt. Please know that we stand beside you and offer whatever help we can offer. We pray that you will see, that even through this, Jesus is with you.

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