Dealing With Difficulties – Confidence


Confidence – A sureness or trust in oneself. {Dictionary definition}

Well why should we be confident in our selves:

1. We are all created in the image of God.

2. The God that created us loves us.

3. He said, “He would never leave or forsake us.”

If we look to scripture for examples, we only have to look at Moses from the Old Testament.e is Moses’ story in a nutshell: The Egyptian Pharaoh ordered all the baby boys be killed, but Moses’ mother hid him in some water plants called ‘bulrushes’. Eventually Pharaoh’s daughter adopted Moses. Later Moses lead the people of Israel away from Egypt, where they had been slaves. Moses also wrote the first five books of the Old Testament }Books of the Law}.. We have wriitten about these on this site.

That doesn’t sound like a person who lacked confidence. Well Moses had a crisis of confidence,and we can see this as we look at Moses’ conversation with God, when the Lord gave him the task of leading the Israelite s from Egypt.

Exodus 3 verse 11 to Exodus 4 verse 17:

Moses seriously questioned his ability to carry out the Lord’s assignment. He gave God five excuses, each of which shows lack of confidence in certain areas.

Firstly: Moses asked, ‘Who am I’ for which he already answered ‘ I am a nobody’; But God reassured Moses by giving him a strong promise of His Presence.

God gives us the same promise and strong words of encouragement today

Secondly; Moses held concerns about people listening to hi. To meet that concern, God reaffirms his special role as The Lord god of Moses’ people. that He is god and is in control, and rules over all the earth and it’s people.

Thirdly: Moses expresses the concern that his people would not believe him. In response this time, God gave Moses three ‘signs’ or miracles, to perform. These supernatural acts wold demonstrate God’s presence and power.

Fourthly: Moses’ concern was to do with a perceived lack of ability as a spokesperson, “I am not eloquent”. God indicates this time that He is the Lord Of Communication. God Himself promises to be with Moses’ mouth, so that Moses will be understood.

Again this is not just a promise for Moses, this is an encouragement for all who represent the Lord in what we do.

Fifthly and finally: Moses clearly displays a case of unwillingness to carry out what God wants him to do. Moses asks. ” Isn’t there someone else You could send”, God had anticipated Moses’ reluctance, and he brings Moses’ brother Aaron to help Moses. God tells Moses about Aaron helping out, out of exasperation with Moses’ refusal to trust Him.

so you see even Moses and all he ultimately achieved for God, with God’s help, suffered from a lack of confidence.

We can do all things through Him, Who strengthens us. Philippians 4 verse 13. What great things, great or small, might God want to use us for for, and not be held back by our own lack of confidence.

Confidence in all of Who Our Lord and Our Friend is and what He has done for us, is more than enough to overcome any fear or doubt that is in our lives, that gives us lack of confidence.

God Bless.

O F J.

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