We were created to commune with God in a relationship with Him.

James 2 verse 23: “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him for righteousness, and he was called a friend of God.”

Friendship and relationship, can be put by saying a person one knows, likes and trust.

Our Lord and Our Friend teaches that the laws that he required rest on two big commandments, Loving God, and Loving your neighbour as yourself.

Mathew 22 verse 37 to 39:  v 37 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.” V 38 “This is the greatest and most important commandment.” V 39 “The second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Relationship with God, until we understand how great the Love that He has for us, it will be impossible to understand the Love requirement. We are to reflect, walk in and produce the Love that He Loves us with. Understanding how much we are Loved, we will also understand how to Love ourselves as he Loves us, then we can Love others as we Love ourselves.

We will then understand the Ten Commandments that were given, and they will not be a burden to fulfill, but a joy, because of our relationship with Our Lord and Our Friend.

The first 4 commandments {read them in Deuteronomy 5 verse 6 to 15} speaks about loving God.

1. Do not have other gods beside Me.  We can turn anything into a god and even self can be a god to us along with. money, work and hobbies etc.

2. Do not make an idol to worship.    We tend to worship people, such as world leaders, or rock or movie stars. Even though we might not have a literal idol, people and things can become idols in our hearts, taking the place of the God that Created us.

3. Do not misuse the Name of the Lord.  The Names of Gpd should be so precious to us, and we should be even upset to hear anyone else, using them in a bad way.

4, Observe the sabbath.   God rested so should we,rest give us time to reflect, on how Great our God is to us and all who believe in Him. Working seven days without rest is an affront to Him.

Loving God understanding how much God Loves us, knowing you are Loved dearly, then we will find the second part of the commandments easy, because they are Loving Others.

5. Honor your parents {Father and Mother}, shouldn’t be difficult, but if it has become difficult, Love them just the same Real Love will break down any barriers. Real Love is something special and has restoration qualities.

6. No murder.   Life is precious, God loves everybody and murder is taking the life of somebody God Loves, and who is also Loved by others.

7. No committing adultery.  Our bodies are sacred, they are the temple of The Holy Spirit. Real love is much bigger than lust of the flesh. We also must be very careful not to have any spiritual adultery against Our Lord and Our Friend,  Eg getting your tarot cards read, using physics, and playing on Ouija boards and such like, these belong to the kingdom of darkness, from where we have been redeemed.

8. No stealing.   Love respects, we would not like it to happen to us. So what is not ours, should not become ours through illegitimate means.

9. No dishonest testimony.  The Love in our life should reflect, the Love we have in Our Creator God. To dishonor our testimony we have in Him and bear false witness against anyone, would danish the great Love, He has for us.

10. Do not covert.   God Loves everybody equally, there are no favorites. What God allows us to have and the Love He has for us, should be more than enough, then to want what somebody else has.

Loving God and Loving others are interdependent. We can’t do one without doing the other. The more we Love God, the more involved we must become in serving the needs of others.

Ultimate Relationship, if we want to Love others, we need to bae that Love in the Most Wonderful Love of all, the Love Our Lord and Our Friend has for us.

God bless.

O F J.

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