Faith In Action – All In A Nights Work



In my driving my taxi I am not saying I listen to His leadings all the time, but sometimes I feel lead, to sit in various places where I believe He wants me to be. I was having a quiet night recently, on what should have been a busy night. Most of the action happens between 12 am and 5 am and if you are not on a roll, it is hard to find jobs. 2. 30 in the morning is not a time to be sitting outside a big hospital, because if anything most people are going in through incidents that happen in the night hours.

So I gave myself a time frame to get a job or I would move, because I did feel He want me to stop here, for which I had no idea. It didn’t take long and out walked Terry and asked me could I take him on what turned out to be an $85. trip. Sometimes on our life journey, circumstances catch up with us, my sister had just passed away, and i really was not at my most joyous this night.  I was talking with people, but really had trouble being motivated to witness, I was on a downer.

To get another job I stopped at a hotel outside the city, it didn’t take long. a customer was brought to me by the bouncers of the hotel. He was a young man Ryan, who had been asked to leave. Ryan asked to go a considerable way, me on my downer though great, he is not likely to pay. {Bad thinking}. Ryan handed me $50 and said “It should be that much, {Sorry Lord for thinking bad about this person}. So we set off, Ryan was on his phone to his mate about how he just had a scuffle with another man. Ryan was bragging that he come off the best in the scuffle, but was thrown out.

Ryan kept on saying as he was talking with his friend “That is the God’s truth”. Later when Ryan had finished his phone call, I ask him did he have a faith in God. “Oh Yes”, Ryan said, and showed me a tattoo of the Ark Angel Micheal win a battle over Satan. Ryan also added he didn’t think churches were cut out for him, or even accept him the way he was.

I handed Ryan one of our ministry cards> {This young man who came across as a really hard person had a soft side}. Ryan accepted the card, and I showed Him our internet site on my phone. I told Ryan there were contact details on the site as well as the card, if He wanted to contact us, he could at anytime. This took Ryan by surprise and he said, “so you are not put off by me.” “No” I said “God loves you just as much as he loves me, so we are here to help if you need it. Ryan shook my hand and thank me as he left the taxi.

Our Lord knows how to get any of us us out of our own pity parties, if we let Him. Traveling back to the city I met Allister who was going home from work. We talked for a while and I asked Alister did he have a faith in God. Alister told me he was born in this country, but was from Asian Indian heritage, and was a practicing Hindu. I asked him could I give him our ministry card with a Christian message on it, and told Him about our web site. Allister accepted the card and said he would look at the site. Allister also thanked me for talking with him as he left the taxi.

Again in sharing one’s faith, you can’t stay on a downer for long, because it is a privilege to share about the goodness of Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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