Faith In Action – God Will Confirm



God uses you no matter where or who you are. There are a lot of stories from the days when we used to own Christian bookshop. It was a delight in that season that Our Lord and Our Friend had us in, to serve Him there.

One day a young man Brett came in to buy a bible. I enjoyed asking people why they wanted to buy a Bible because to me it was God’s living Word.  Brett shared with me, that he had been an eco-terrorist {as Brett put it}, Brett explained he use to sit in trees, to stop them being cut down, but He had heard about Jesus and wanted to know more.

To my pleasure I was able to sit with Brett and explain more about my Lord and My Friend to him. We talked for sometime and I ended up giving him a Bible, because He appeared so hungry for The Word.

Brett invited me to his house in a small country town west of where our shop was located. I remember telling him if, I had a chance to visit I would.

Later that day a friend of mine was going to take me to a town out that way, on business. The place I thought I was going to was different from the place where we did go. To my amazement, the town was the  town where Brett lived and we met again in the main street.

Not only was Brett surprised, but so was I, and It confirmed to me that I was to do business in that town. We did open a bookshop in that town and I was to see Brett and his family a lot more.

God confirms. God confirms His calling. God confirms what He has called you for. God is with you in the callings, for He said He would never leave you or forsake you.

Is there a calling on your own life, that  is not real clear to you? Well follow that leading because God will confirm.

When we opened that shop, we had volunteers to help from the local churches. One of the Pastors that use to help, shared with me she had been given a prophecy, that she would minister from a retail premise.

She never really thought much about it, until she was in our shop ministering as the prophecy had said. The shop served it purpose and several lives were changed and added to the local churches, while it remained opened.

The Holy Spirit will lead you, be ready to follow that leading God will confirm.

God Bless.

O F J.

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