Dealing With Difficulties – Frustration



One of the definitions of frustration: “The state of being frustrated, especially in reaction to personal desires.”

True worship involves speaking the truth. The truth includes how we feel, no matter how downcast our emotions might be.

Frustration is not a sin, it is an emotion, that could cause us to sin.

The Bible is a complete resource book, and it presents a number of incidents of people, who brought  their anger and disappointment or pain to God. None of us are immune from it because it is an emotion. God created us with emotions, emotions are the expression of each one of us.

Our Lord and Our Friend wants us to use all our emotions, good and bad and bring them to Him, in our worship to Him. It is unrealistic to think that we can only worship God, when we only have good emotions. I know from personal experience, that I need to worship God with all my emotions, whether I feel worthy or unworthy.

Hebrews 13 verse 15: “Therefore through Him let us continually offer up to God a sacrifice of praise.”  Continually offer whether we are frustrated or not,

From a Bible perceptive, people did bring their anger, disappointment or pain to God. This is a raw emotion and can be clearly expressed, and bringing  it to Our Lord and Our friend, we can find encouragement, when we are in personal agony.

Let look at Habakkuk 1 verse 1 to 17 read it all for yourself, but here is verse 2 “How long, Lord, must I call for help and You do not listen.” Frustration with God, well He was only letting God know how he feels, and that what we should do, because Our Lord and Our Friend is their to help us. He wants us to grow through the storms of life with His help.

From our study of Ecclesiastes we find it is a ‘dairy of reflection’ by Solomon, and at times is bordering on depression, despair and frustration.

And for the last example there is always Paul, Romans 7 verse 14 to 25.Paul whose internal conflicts over sinful patterns, speak to us to be open to God with our emotions.

Do you, bring your innermost hostilities, fears and frustrations to God? Where better to take all these hurts? If we bury them inside us, they will only fester, and will sooner or later will come to cause us great harm, and effect those around us.

God wants us to come before Him, warts and all, only then can He, though this act of surrender, give us the help we need.

God Bless.

O F J.

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