Bible Study: Acts 4 & 5


Recently Old Fellow John and myself sat down and decided to record one of the bible studies we do together. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. So we tried again the day after, to much better success.

Unfortunately the bible study we were hoping to record was Acts Chapters 1, 2, & 3. But because it didn’t record, we have to start this series at Acts 4 & 5.

To Listen Follow This Link: Bible Study: Acts 4 & 5

Old Fellow John and I are doing bible studies together daily and we have an open invite for any keen readers to follow us live in our discussions everyday of the week. All you need is Skype, and have read the chapter in question, and you’re more than welcome to add your two cents worth to our discussion. The more the merrier!

Find us on skype: OFJ’s details – search oldfellowjohn and you’ll know you’ve found the right one if his name is Two Trees John

My details: thekidttm and you know you’ll have found me if you see my name as Two Trees Kid.

We record at eleven am daily from Brisbane Australia [Except weekends], meaning it’ll be 5pm on the west coast of USA and 8pm on the east coast of USA, Sunday – Thursday. So please join us. If you can’t we’ll always post the link so you can listen to them in your own time. Feel free to download them. Our Podcasts page on the top left hand page will help you find them!

We hope and pray, that like all of our material they will help you in your walk with Our Lord & Friend. Hope you enjoy!

Be Blessed

The Kid

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