Faith In Action – Chance Encounters

In driving my taxi it is a real privilege to meet people the Lord would have me meet. I was at the hospital and a young man Steve, ask me to take him to the airport. Steve’s mother was in hospital after being burnt as the family were doing a back burn on their property. The wind had shifted quickly and his mother was caught by the fire.

I shared with Steve and gave him our card and said we would be praying for his mother and family. Steve told me he was sad to leave the hospital and fly back to the country, and he didn’t know when he could get back.  Steve’s father was flying in later that night to be at the hospital.

It surprised Steve to think that he would meet somebody in a taxi who would care and he thanked me on arrival at the airport.

We are in an age where apparently nobody seems to take the time to care. This story could have ended there, and I would think that this chance encounter The Lord allowed me to have with Steve was the mission accomplished.

But two week later this man was to get into my taxi and after following a line of questions, I found out this was Steve’s father Ron. Ron had been in town since Steve left and was staying with relatives and was constantly visiting his wife {Steve’s mum}.

I was able to share with Ron and told him I had met his son  on the way to the airport and said we would be praying for his wife {Steve Mum}. Ron said he had faith in a higher authority even though he was not sure, but also said somebody must be looking after the family and his wife {Steve’s mum}, as she was to leave hospital soon after only 4 weeks in hospital. Then he started to tell me how lucky he thought she was because somebody who had been burnt, less worse than his wife had spent 12 months in hospital.

I continued to share with Ron and gave him our card and told him I had also given that same card to his son. Ron was surprised that I would get to meet both of them, and thanked me for encouraging them both at a time of need in their family’s life.

The chances of meeting both Steve and Ron in a big city, is testimony to Our Lord and Our Friend. It is a privilege to share The Lord as I go about my job of driving.

Take the time today to witness to somebody, it will be great encouragement to you as well as the person you witness to.

Remember we are His Hands and His feet to a lost and fallen world.

God Bless.

O F J.

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