Weekly Writing Contributors Wanted


Hi Mike [The Kid] here,

Our firm belief here at Two Trees Ministry is that as brothers and sisters in Christ we should foster and create community. God has, after all, given us all a range of gifts, different life experience, different points of view, and the desire to make disciples of all nations.

Unfortunately for most, these gifts are never realised. Truth is, not everyone will preach from a platform, right a book, start a community outreach, due to the jobs that they do to diligently serve God. It takes all kinds of people doing all kinds of things to achieve God’s will on this earth, never begrudge where you are. You are important and necessary!

Both John and myself believe in a world united in the gospel, the sharing of revelation, and a close community of world wide believers. As such we want to make a spot available for you, or readers/followers to submit to be posted as part of our weekly rotation of articles. Each week John and myself will choose an article from those submitted, and post it to close out our blogging week. You of course will be credited, and a link to your own blog/website will be included and you will be posted on or Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr and Facebook pages.

If this interests you, or you may know someone who may be interested please email us your questions, or your article along with your name, user name and appropriate links, and we will be in touch with you. twotreesministries@gmail.com We can only choose one a week, so please keep writing and submitting. If you get posted by us you are still more than welcome to submit an article in proceeding weeks.

The subject matter is up to you, though we ask that you keep it Christian themed. the selected article will be type edited and posted. We will do our best to reply to every submission.

We look forward to hearing from you and growing together in the great things God has for us.



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