Scripture Of The Week – Psalm 4:8

Psalm 4 verse 8

“I will both lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone Lord make me live in safety.”

Having trouble sleeping, take hold of this scripture. the Lord {Our Lord and Our Friend} makes us live in safety.

This is talking about safety the world can not offer.

Psalm 3 was written while King David fled from his rebellious son Absalom, yet in verse 5, David said; ‘I will lie down and sleep, I wake again because The Lord sustains me. Psalm 4 verse 8 represents a great declaration of Faith.

Psalm 23 verse2 says “He let me lie down in green pastures.”

Since The lord knows when we lie down, we can sleep in peace, for he alone makes us dwell in safety.

This is one of many scriptures for sleeping troubles, confess the peace, and confess the safety in the Lord that you have, because He loves you.

The Lord gives us peace that surpasses all our understanding, and is ours when we ask for it.

Asking is not enough though, having the Faith to use it is, and making it apart of our everyday lives is the real formula for success.

In this way psalm 4 verse 8 represents a great declaration of Faith. Sometimes the greatest demonstration of our faith is not the powerful demonstration of moving  mountains, it is our trust that we can rest in Our Lord and Our friend.

Our lord and Our friend is our everything, remember that the next time you have trouble going to sleep.

When I was a little fellow, a pray I was taught and used to say before I went to sleep went something like this;

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Dear Lord my soul to keep, and if I should die before I wake , I pray Dear Lord my soul to take.”

I have now grown older and grown to know that it is His promise to keep me and all of us safe in Him, and at the end of our earthly days we will still be in Him.

God Bless.

O F J.

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