Faith In Action There Is A Purpose

Through this blog it is the purpose of this ministry to tell the message of how much God {Our Lord and Our Friend} loves you.

He wants to become your Lord and Your Friend. Through accepting Him, He wants to transform your life.

There are many wonderful things He has for you, the most miraculous of all is Eternal Life with Him, which starts the day you accept Him.

God will become Your Lord and Your Friend and be your companion in your journey through this life on earth and He will be there to welcome you into your life in heaven, where we will live in His presence forever.

He has fruits for you to walk in {The Fruits of The Spirit} and He has gifts for you to use.

One of the gifts that has become one I love to use is The Gift of Knowledge. God knows everything about everybody {He knows everything there is for that matter}. God will let us use His knowledge to help people.

It has been a while since we owned our shops and my life has been turn upside down, but I will never trade the experience of God, I had in those shops.

I vividly remember the day two ladies Emily* and Dawn* from out of town came to visit one of our shops. They told me they felt drawn to the shop. Emily was a lot younger, Dawn was on a walker. God gave me a message for the Emily and I ask her could i pray for Her. {This seemed strange as Dawn looked more in firmed.}

God told me the message for Emily {which I can,t remember or no need to remember} and it reduced her to tears. Emily  asked me how I knew and I told her Jesus {My Lord and My Friend} told me. We prayed together and a great burden was lifted off her shoulders.

Dawn turned to me and said seeing He told you that, what does He say about me. I sought to rebuke her and said it doesn’t work like that. I can’t turn God on and off, it is at His leading. With that I turned to her and said authoritatively ” You have a bad circulation problem and there is a bad sore on your body that will not heal.” {If there was it wasn’t evident}.

She started crying and said only God could have told you that or my doctor. We all prayed together and the countenance in Dawn changed, to that of the Joy of knowing God loved her in a special way.

It is one of His gifts, he allows me {or anyone willing to listen for that matter} to use many times, but sadly I don’t use enough or is use enough by anybody.

My Lord My Friend you amaze me.

God Bless


* – names have been changed

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