Faith In Action “Speaking Kind Words”

The Religious leaders in Bible days were so tied up with righteous indignation. They had just caught a woman accused of adultery. The woman was guilty, the woman knew it, the people who had accused her knew it. Jesus also knew it.

The law of the day said she deserved to be stoned to death. R3ead about it in John 8 Verse 1 to 11.

Here we see the heart of Jesus, He was less concerned with what the woman was facing apparent death. Jesus was more concerned with what she needed. She did not need more judgement, there was enough of that self righteousness around from her accusers. The woman needed kindness.

Jesus was not entertaining the accusers thoughts. So instead Jesus issued a simple statement {John 8 Verse 7} “Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone.”

We are all sinner who have been saved by Grace. Now we are on a journey of transformation more and more into the likeness of Our Lord and Our Friend. In times like the woman was facing we should not have any self righteousness.

Self life should have been nailed to the cross, we should be walking in the New Life with Christ as Lord and King.

Jesus treated the woman with kindness, despite her sin. In doing so Our Lord and Our Friend set an example for everyone to follow.

We are not asked to condone other people actions. but we are asked to show them, God’s kindness and love.

God Bless


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