From The Heart


Sometimes when my life is very full and I have been drawn in various directions, I find a bit of a struggle to know what to write ‘from my heart’, that might be an encouragement to our readers.

I ask the Holy Spirit to help, to give me something; I seek to still my mind and listen to His still small voice and write down His good and life-giving words.

The truth is that we are all going through different seasons in life and our challenges are the same and different as well. Our Lord and Friend is always with us to lead, guide, strengthen, teaching us how to overcome and to rest in His promises at the same time. Balance. One preacher calls it ‘tension’ – for example, knowing that ‘we are healed by the stripes of Jesus’ and at the same time being aware of symptoms in our body that want to argue with the truth of the scriptures.

I am so grateful that whatever season I am going through, I can rest in His promise and the gift free of ‘no condemnation’ for those who are in Christ Jesus. When I am fully trusting in Him, I know that He will bring me through, and I will be victorious – ‘because He always cause us to triumph in Christ Jesus’.

So when my mind is overwhelmed and my emotions may be too, I can come away and be quiet, and like Psalm 131 says: ‘Lord my heart is meek before You, I don’t consider myself better than others. I’m content to not pursue matters that are over my head – such as your complex mysteries and wonders – that I’m not yet ready to understand. I am humbled and quieted in Your presence, like a contented child who rests on its mothers lap. I’m your resting child and my sould is content in you. O people of God, your time has come to quietly trust, waiting upon the Lord now and forever. Amen.’

May you find contentment in His love this week.


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