Wonderful Account From “1st Samuel”

Although it is named after the prophet, First Samuel is primarily about the kings Saul and David. 

A Transitioning, transitioning God’s people from being led by God through, ‘Judges’ to being led by Him through Kings. 

God longs for His people to love Him {And He still does}. But the people are insulting Him by worshiping idols in His place. 

Amidst the darkness of all this a faithful woman, Hannah goes to God’s house in Shikloh and asks God for a son whom she can dedicate to Him. King David who was still to come was called a Man of God’s own heart, but here from the heart of one of God’s daughters comes a prayer patterned after His own heart. 

God gives Hannah a son, she names Samuel. Once Samuel is weaned, he stays with the high priest. Eli.at the tabernacle. He is raised serving and loving God. 

Even as a young boy, Samuel’s hears Gods voice clearly, and eventually Samuel leads the nation according to God’s direction. 

God’s people have snubbed God as King, so they ask for an earthly King they can see. God give them what their earthly desires want. He gives them Saul as their first king, but he never loves God wholeheartedly. 

What a difference that make in anyone life that serves God, not to love God wholeheartedly and miss the blessing God has for us. Tragically, God people are following a King, who is insecure, arrogant, straining and striving for success and power, while ignoring God’s guidance through Samuel. 

Since Saul, rejects God help and guidance, God rejects Saul. God directs Samuel to anoint a young shepherd boy as the next king. But before David takes up the position, he serves under the ensure Saul, who repeatedly tries to kill him. 

David consistently submits his life to God, seeking after God’s way before his own. David knows His God, His goodness and His power and he trust Him. {What a difference that will make in any believer’s life}. 

Finally, the people have a king who knows, loves and is after God’s own heart. 

God Bless. 


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