Wonderful Account From “Daniel”

Beautiful Theme in this book. The Most High God is sovereign over every human kingdom.

God allows Daniel and his friends to be taken as part of the first group of exiles to Babylon. As some of Judah’s finest, they are to be groomed to serve in the palace of the king of Babylon.

Being in Exile would be hard for anyone and Daniel interprets this as God’s abandonment. Times like this one might have abandon God,because they feel so abandon. But Daniel doesn’t. Daniel committed to follow God alone. One of the best choices in life to follow God, even though no others follow.. Daniel never waivers. God honors Daniel faithfulness even in exile, God gives Daniel the power to interpret dreams and when Daniel get into trouble sends angels to shut the mouths of lions.to show HIs power over Babylon’s gods and reveals to Daniel myteries of heavens and the future to Him

While praying and studing the words of Jeremiah, Daniel reads about the length of exile being 70 years. When realizing the 70 years is coming to an end, Daniel prays and fasts, confessing his people sins and requesting God to taake them back home.

God sends Gabriel in response to Daniel’s prayers to give him insight into the future, As Daniel continues seeking God fullness, God sends more angels to him to give him more insight into the future.Daniel obtains more and more details about God’s plan for the future.

During Daniel’s lifetime, king Cyrus rise to power, the same king Isaiah prophesied about years before in Jerusalem. King Cyrus issues a decree for God’s people to return home.

Daniel faithfully seals up the prophecy that God had given him for a time later in God’s story..Daniel rest and trust God, who answers the prayers of His faithful ones.

Under great adversity Daniel honored God and God rewarded Him. Under any pressure we might be under, which may be nothing compared to Daniel, God will answer us in our faithfulness too,

God Bless.


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