From The Heart


Psalm 86:15 “But You O Lord are a God full of compassion and gracious; Longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth”. NKJV

Psalm 103:8  “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in mercy” NKJV

 Psalm 145:8  “the Lord is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and great in mercy.”   Verse 9 goes on to say “The Lord is good to all, and His TENDER MERCIES are over all His works”

We see here in just 3 different Psalms those same words describing our Lord and Friend – He is gracious.

The word GRACIOUS was highlighted to me recently and I have been thinking on it;- how to receive, and allow the Lord’s graciousness to so saturate my soul that I will be able to extend that graciousness to others. 

Some definitions I found of Graciousness :-

= the quality of being benevolent, courteous, and kind. 

= A gracious person is a graceful person, someone who at least attempts to not hurt others’ feelings with clumsy words or thoughtless deeds. To live in grace is to walk lightly and leave the world blessed by your presence.

= In contemporary English, to be gracious typically means – you are kind, courteous and even delightful.

Because our Father, our Lord and Friend is gracious, we are the recipients of His compassion and steadfast love.   Matthew 10:8b says “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Grace and Truth and He is always with us – He is our ever-present help in time of need, – He is our Friend and Helper.  I have found Him to be so very faithful.  When I have needed peace or strength, He is with me to help.  Even in the smallest thing, as I have asked and looked to Him for help, He answers.  In times when I have made mistakes and felt embarrassed or guilty, He is always there, with gracious ways to restore me – without condemnation – back to fellowship with Father God.

The world we live in needs us to show them this graciousness that we receive from our Lord and Friend – and may it bring them also to know His amazing goodness and graciousness. God’s rich blessings.                                                                                             


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