Weekend Inspiration


G for God reminds us of so many meanings in life. For example, ‘God is good!’

Consider the goodness he gives you as to the special ways he uses you in life. Perhaps he gives you a special word to someone who needs it. Or it could be a sacrifice you make to enhance another’s troubled times. He places you alongside a family to give them comfort during a sad loss of a loved one. Think about the times he has ordered your life steps with goodness. And his blessings and strength will give what he asks of you to get through.

G is for Giving. Give what you can as you sense his voice and spirit. It may be what you find very hard to speak out or to sacrifice a plan you were so looking forward to. It may be giving financial assistance to a hungry family or being there for helpless relationship discussions. Where God is asking you to use his wisdom of words to resolve the disputes? On the other hand grief begins with a G also. You may be chosen to use God’s giving to support a widow whose husband is deceased. He may have chosen you to guide her through great grief to ascertain her financial paperwork as she can’t cope or to send her to an accountant. Maybe, just be there. With a box of tissues, and a caring silence and cups of tea. G for God means giving you goodness as he did in 1 Peter  7verse 5:  ‘All of you clothe yourselves with humility toward one another because God opposes the proud BUT GIVES GRACE to the humble.’ God is gracious. God gifts to us his love to deal with every daily setback. He gifts us to overcome every hurt, every trial and sorrow and is alongside comforting us and in whatever calamity we are experiencing.

God is good, God is gifted and giving. God is gracious and knows our grief. God is grace.

God is generous and GIVES abundant love.

Be Blessed


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