Faith In Action ‘Doing And Being’

We here at My Lord My Friend Ministries have come to know many wonderful ministries around the world. It is a pleasure to be able to tell you about a work in Pakistan,  Bethnay Church is established in 1984 by Pastor Rehmat Sohan it is located at LDA Quarter Lahore Pakistan

It was very big gathering and in 1989 started Children ministry and Women Ministry and in 1990 Youth Ministry. me Pastor Kamran Rehmat joined Bethnay Church in 2007 and in 2012 Pastor Farman Rehmat joined Bethnay Church and we both Pastor still working for kingdom and Glory of God.

We have 72 families that are attending church and 180 children in Sunday school ministry and 85 women attending church in women ministry. Every year we organize Seminars to motivate congregation and also bring more lives in fellowship through evangelism We do Women Seminar ,

Youth Seminar , Children Convention and Couple Seminar and we preach them from Bible. For Children ministry we do Vocation Bible School it is 5 days program we teach and preach children from Bible through different ways. in 2012 we started a school for orphan and needy children and providing them free education and books and each and everything.

The Pastor there took me on a tour by phone, of there wonderful facilities. They are virtually doing on their own out of their love and faith in Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

Pastor Kamran and myself {OFJ} have become prayer warriors together. We here at the ministry would like to support this wonderful work more. We feel by sharing their story many more will want to support this special work in some way

Pastor Kamran and the ministry can be contacted on the details below

We here at the ministry are always praying for blessing for this ministry, because we admire what Bethnay Church does in a country where they are could be persecuted for their faith.

We feel strongly enough that we want to help promote this wonderful ministry and share it through our internet site of

God Bless


We hope you are extremely blessed by taking a look at this ministry that serves in very hard circumstances and has great faith to carry out the work.

Contact Details are:

Church LDAEvangelical ChurchResen This is Church Official Page People can write us on page and email.

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