Being An Over-comer

As we read in the story of Joseph, {in Genesis} he was a dreamer, the eleventh of twelve brothers.  He was also the favorite son of his father. The favoritism and Joseph’s optimism caused his brothers to resent him. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery.

Joseph ended up with an opportunity to extract revenge against his brothers. Joseph could have sold his brothers into slavery as they had sold him.

Joseph was an over-comer: Genesis 50 verse 20:

“You planned evil against me: God planned it for good to bring about the present result– the the survival of many people”.

1. He believed God had a plan.

2. He believed God could use the sins of others for his good.

3. he knew God would bless his efforts so he always did his best.

Genesis 29 verses 2 to 6: Overcoming no matter where you are.

V2: “The Lord was with Joseph and he became successful”

V3: “when his master saw the Lord was with him and that the Lord made everything he did successful”.

V4 “Joseph found favor”

V5: The Lord blessed the Egyptians house because of Joseph”.

V6: “he left all he owned under Joseph authority”.

Overcoming-Forgiveness in this story provides Israel with a future. These words of forgiveness by Joseph came at the close of Genesis. Only because Joseph chose not to act on the injustice, and forgive his brothers and move forward by trusting God, can God’s redemptive plan move forward through the seed of Abraham. Without forgiveness the Bible does not get passed the first book of the Bible Genesis. Without forgiveness there is no future for any of us.

But with God all things are possible, because He is such a forgiving God.

John 3 Verse 16: Tells us that “God so loved, He has offered us forgiveness if we chose to accept and see the plan he has in place for all our lives.

God Bless


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