Scripture Verse Of The Week

Isaiah 52 Verse 7: “ How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the herald, who proclaims peace, who brings new of good things, who proclaims salvation.”

Good news lifts the spirit. Today news seems to portray sad or bad news, to destroy people’s spirit.

In old testament times important news was carried across the country by runners. When the news that was carried was good, no wonder that their feet were considered to be ‘beautiful on the mountains’.

After running for a while their feet were most likely not beautiful, the feet would be tired and dirty.

the message in the above verse could be summed in the words, ‘your God reigns. Imagine that across the media today, your God reigns’,most likely across Christian media though.

How beautiful are the feet on the mountains of life, that bring us or keep us in the message Our God reigns.

To know that in our beliefs, Our God reigns, despite of our circumstances nothing is going to stop Him from Reigning. He knows there might be circumstances where we don’t feel where is He, but the good news is, not only is Our Lord and Our Friend on His throne. He has declared Hebrews 13 Verse 5:” I will never leave you or forsake you’.

Good news indeed let us be conveyors of this Good news to a lost and fallen world. Our God Reigns. Let us be conveyors of His Good News, wherever Our Lord and Our Friend requires us to go.

God Bless.



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