Not Just A Bible Character ‘Timothy’

Paul’s convert and companion, whose name means ‘one who honors God.’Despite Timothy being an amazing giant of Faith.

Timothy struggled with fear. Paul who used Timothy as his offsider and was the leader of the Church at Ephesus. Paul sent a letter to Corinthian, before Timothy arrived to explain Timothy struggle see; 1 Corinthians 16 verse 10.

Timothy was a third generation Christian after his mother, Eunice, and his grandmother. Lois {2 Timothy 1 verse5}Timothy virtues:He was respected in his home town.He received two personal letters from Paul.He would have known Paul, better than anybody, most likely treated by Paul as a son.

Paul used Timothy to represent Him on Pastoral visits.Timothy a great man and leader of Faith, also had weaknesses but He never stopped doing the work of the Lord because of them

And as we said at the beginning Timothy had a fear which was his weakness, like all of us, we have our own weaknesses,  This weakness caused Timothy to struggles with a timid and reserve nature.But like Timothy, if we allow ourselves to be used by God, He can turn our weaknesses to strengths.

We can also take from Timothy life youthfulness should not be an excuse for ineffectiveness, and If you are like me age should not be an excuse either. Any inadequacies and inabilities , we make think we have should not keep us from being available to Our Lord and Our Friend.Key verse reads like a reference from Paul:  Philippians 2  Vs 20 to 22:

V 20: For I have no one else like minded who will genuinely care about your interests;

V 21 all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

V 22 But you known his proven character, because he has served me in the gospel ministry like a son to a father.”Timothy story starts in acts 16.We can gain a lot from Timothy despite his weakness he was a faithful messenger of the Gospel, for which we all can be.

God Bless

.O F J.

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