Weekend Inspiration


 In today’s central focus of love there is a tendency to focus on immediate gratification of satisfaction out of our lives.  These are mainly seen to enhance activities that are intense and fast and hardly any time just to eat, to sit and be together in peace for a brief time before rushing on to the next intense practice or issue. Some of us are still talking in bed for tomorrow’s schedules and fall asleep in the middle of the communications.

The next day starts early and frantically reminds the busyness of set routine tasks for another day. Sometimes a fractious family rush around to be on time. In rain or sunshine the day must unfold as arranged and as the routine must be set without changes. The families are very efficient in daily timetables as well as sport, chores, meal preparation, washing of clothing and homework.  It seems as if their pillows are the only welcome to silence and tired, weary yawns. The power of peace falls across their frantic interactions daily.

So who will ensure that the power of peace becomes a part of the lives of the beloved in today’s tumultuous daily program. Is the experience of learning  scriptural living to create the ‘Jesus’ way of living in today’s pace or is it that the loving and peace power is fading from our way of living?  

The calmness, the assurance and the peace in God’s everlasting wisdom are our heritage and only the power of HIS peace can contribute to today’s generation.  Are we teaching this ‘peace power’ to those in our fragile lives today?

Be Blessed



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