Faith In Action “Things That Hold Us Back”

One of the many concepts people have about idols these days, is objects made of wood, stone metal or other components, worshiped in ancient times or by primitive people.

But from a Scriptures point of view, ‘idols’, idolatry fundamentally involves allowing anything or anyone to stand in the place of God. Idols are easily passed off as something worshiped from a religious point of view.

Lets broaden our concept, and reflect ‘idol’ means allowing anything or anyone to stand in the place of God in our lives. When we look at our lives, in which we have invited The Holy Spirit into , is there any secret part of  our life, He is not allowed in or through?

Our Body is the Temple of The Holy Spirit, if we are to imagine a temple, a Temple is a many roomed building. The temple of course has an auditorium, but has a lot of other rooms, Have we just invited The Holy Spirit, Who is The Presence of God into the auditorium of our temple, or does He have free range through our our Bodily Temple?

Remembering ‘an idol’ is anything or anyone to stand in the place of God, are there still places in our temple, of unforgiveness, fear, doubt, anger, hurt, that is standing in the place of God in our lives.

Perhaps we all need a spring clean with The Holy Spirit, Ephesians 5 verse 26; “in the washing by The Word.” To be His vessel for His Glory, we can have hang-ups in our lives, things we hold on to, but by holding on to these things, do they become ‘things’ that stand in the place of God, an ‘idol’ in our lives.

Dear Father God, make us an instrument of Your peace, by the Victory, Your Son Christ Jesus won on the cross, We thank you so much for allowing Your Son Christ Jesus to pay a price we could not pay. Dear Lord Jesus sweep through our lives afresh washing  away anything that stand in Your place. Dear Holy Spirit, be free to tell us, where we have made places in our lives, where you will not go, so we can ask for forgiveness and be cleansed.

God Bless.

O F J.

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