Understanding Prayer



Do you ever feel as if your prayers bounce off the ceiling rather than reaching God?

If so, carefully consider the prayer of Daniel for release of his people from captivity Daniel Chapter 9:

It is a testimony to the fact that God answers prayer –in His time and according to His purpose, as the Angel Gabriel announced Daniel 9 verse 24 and 25.

However, God does not answer any and every prayer as the one praying would like. You cannot pray to God as if you are asking Him like a Santa Claus.

Why, then, did He respond to Daniels? Here are some of the observations:

Daniel’s prayer was the result of his study of scripture. The timing of Daniel’s prayer was incredibly significant. It came in the year Babylon fell to the Persians,

a truly astounding event that must have sent Daniel back to the scriptures in search of understanding.

Daniel found the promise of Restoration if the people repented from their wicked ways. Leviticus 26 verse 40 to 45.

Daniel confessed and repented his people’s sins. By all appearances, Daniel was a godly man pf faith who lived a life of utmost integrity. Four times he told God,

“we have sinned, Daniel 6 verse 5, 8 11, 15. This is a powerful example of corporate confession, in which one accepts personal responsibility for the sins of one’s people Typifies Christ, he took upon Himself the sins of the world.

Daniel fasted and prayed for some time, display the genuineness of His prayer.

James 5 verse 16: tells us, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man {or woman} avails much”.

Not long after Daniel prayed things happened, the angel Gabriel indicates, there was connection between Daniel Prayer the King Cyrus’s and Jeremiah prophecy. Prayer, Authority and Promise.

Prayer is not a gimmick, by which we can charm or coerce Go into giving, us what we want.

Prayer is a sober-minded acknowledgement of our situation before God, and an admission of our need for divine help.

Are we prepared to pray like Daniel?

God Bless


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