Weekend Inspiration



Within a few weeks life as we knew it had changed and the world was thrown from their complacency in shock wave zones due to a virus sweeping apart countries. People on cruises are/were confined to the ship and unable to return to their homes and quarantined. The virus captured loved ones in sickness and death. Many of the travellers found the borders closed unable to allow the expectations of returning to the shelter and safety of their homes and familiar relatives. The chaos caused such major dilemma’s that those seeking shelter were torn from normality and their homes. The situation worsened and hope is lost with talk and actions of sanctuary seemed so doubtful with fear claiming their hearts, and no reassurance of avoiding death or cure especially for the elderly. A crisis of unimaginable fears and seemingly without answers. Lord, your timing and consequences are of awe.

Where to shelter in this loss of human power? Sports events were cancelled as were many other events and it got worse. God is calling us to seek his intervention in ways not before asked of us in this generation, occurring in waves of distress and severe hardship. Our resources are shrinking more each day and we will need each other more than ever before and to cling to the God of love, of hope, of forgiveness, to shelter our union with our Lord. We have met the call of God’s sovereign realm in the knowledge that only He can provide the full shelter of our beloved saviour to kneel in prayer shelter for every situation. God is calling us as never before so heed and hear, shelter in his communion of love. Pray and pray for his blessings and the shelter of heaven with all your heart and soul.

Commit to our God.


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