Weekend Inspiration



In Numbers 23:13/1-30 there is a firm warning; ‘Do not touch my anointed ones,nor do my prophets harm.’ PSALM 115 verse 15. There are no rights or wrongs stated just purely a warning, a claim to the people. His word is protection, wisdom covered with love but nevertheless not to be ignored. HIS PEOPLE are claimed in faith, promises and reassurance of his intervention.

Such as when Balaam opened his mouth to curse, a blessing was verbalised, one that he could not change. God preserved them. The command remained that the people of Israel will be brought out of Egypt. In this situation God intervened, HE watched out for his people in an unseen battle they were unaware of happening.

So it is today. How often have you been in a battle between good and evil and have spent days preparing and agonising over it only to observe your win against wrongdoing and not knowing how, but knowing God had intervened on your behalf. We feel amazement, gratitude and blessed to be his people and wrapped in his protecting love .

Accept and expect God to intervene in any impossible, fearful situation and feel his

care for you.



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