Insights Into ‘1 Corinthians’


  1. The Apostle Paul addresses problems in the church and answer question from the church. The believers in Corinth are mostly converted idol worshipers, so they have a lot to learn about the ways of God.

    So through Paul, God teaches the believers there to look at the issues confronting them.They are in A wrestle between light and darkness. Idol temples are scattered all throughout the city where sacrifices are offered to the evil false Gods. The leftovers of the sacrifices are sold as food.

    Idol worship and the demonic forces behind are seeking to gain hold of the believers.Believers are to make better choices.there is a spiritual battle going on.

    Corinth is a sexually immoral culture. God reminds the believers that their bodies are temples of His Spirit {Holy Spirit}  Jesus purchased their bodies with His Own life, and what the Corinthians do with their bodies does matter.

    The church has a division between rich and poor, seen starkly when they eat communion together  Our Lord and Our Friend reminds everyone when they approach the communion table they are on an equal level.

    Like us all, they need to declare Jesus’ death for themselves, and the freedom from sin that He purchased. The believers in Corinth are struggling with the idea of resurrection. The Apostle Paul reminds them it is the central part of God’s story and theirs {All Ours}. Jesus’ resurrection declares declares to the world, ‘I can reverse the world’s curse!’ It is the turning point for all of human history.

    Our journey. our life stories all take place within God’s overall picture. Our Lord and Our Friend lives in us as we walk through this world where there is a battle of two kingdoms. There is more going on than just what we see and that gives us wonderful meaning to our purpose in life.

    As we walk with Our Lord and Our Friend, through His Spirit, He will personally see the richness of the life He has for us. Jeremiah 29 verse 11 Tells us He has plans for all our lives.

    God Bless.






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