Weekend Inspiration



Joshua Chapter 22: Eastern tribes return home. Joshua advises the tribes that they have accomplished all that Moses asked of them according to and carried out the Commandments of the Lord in obedience. Having done so, for a long time now you have not deserted your brothers as now it is time for rest as he promised and to return to the homes in the land that Moses gave you on the other side of the Jordon. He asked them to keep the laws and commandments and to love your God with all your heart, to hold fast in all his ways and to serve him with all your heart and all your soul. Then Joshua blessed them and sent them away and they went to their homes.

What stand out in this group of tribes people is their obedience and dedication, their patience and acceptance of the promise they would return to their own tribes in time. They knew they could trust completely in the plans God had for them.

How often do we take things into our own hands without waiting on God to move us in a certain direction. I remember how reluctant our family was to sell up from a beautiful residence of two acres we lived on, a real haven for us. But we felt an unusual urgency and with prayer we gave in to a sale. Four weeks later a huge tree fell across the roof into a half of the building with much damage. Fortunately it was unoccupied but the conviction to leave was God’s prompting.

How often do we ignore the angelic prompting of the Lord’s prompts for his plans. Yet, he lifts us with wisdom and love but are we listening, are we aware? He restored the tribes people and returned them to their home land and relatives.They listened, they learned and were loved and rewarded.

Sometimes, we need to hear and know the word of the teacher from whom we are given a teachable spirit to guide us on the right paths of our Lord.



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