Weekend Inspiration



It amazes me how many varieties of human species there are and how fathomless our individual personalities exist! That, as we emerge older, and hopefully, wiser, we will reflect the nature of our God. For me, it is like making a ‘soul ‘jigsaw puzzle fit together but with changing pieces to discover. How about the tired mother of four young children to raise alone? Where will that piece be placed or fit in with her life? Perhaps that delightful grocery packer, Willy, who rushes to help her pack her large amount of goods into a trolley when in the store but he can’t stop his blushing grins in her presence. He adores her but hangs back as she leaves but their lingering goodbyes are filled with hope and reluctance to part. Perhaps he will wander into her Church service one day at the Lord’s prompting and that piece of jigsaw will fit together.

Then there is that grumpy old miserable Frank, who never stops growling negatively to everyone who stops by his newspaper stand. He tells all who pass what a bad, useless

Government we have and how corrupt they all are. He mumbles to himself but if one of the passer’s by lean to listen to him and chat with opposing views his face glows with light and attention and he is puffed up delight and the jigsaw of life fits in another piece. We each have significant shapes and characteristics and it takes years to fit the ‘soul’ frames of our

angles and righteousness of trying to fit together as God desires us to be. So allow his fragrances, to become strength in your trust of him and let his footsteps of loving care be before and with you wherever you dwell. Seek peace, lean only on him and less on people. Believe in your heart for God, learn to be a shield, walk in His footprints.


Be Blessed



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