Trail By Gideon


Here stood Gideon, as the Lord had just blessed him by telling him he is the ‘mighty warrior’ who will save Israel. Instead of in honor and gratitude, Gideon replies,
‘Who me? I am not much of anything.’
He denies God’s affirmation of his character. How about that Gideon? A man who so doubted himself that even when God told him, ‘Go in the strength you have and save Israel, Gideon protested vehemently stating that he was the least in the family of a weak clan. Even though the Lord reassured Gideon that he would be with him to strike down all Midianites together Gideon challenged the Lord.
‘Now that I have found favor in your eyes, give me a sign that it is really you talking to me. Please do not go away until I bring my offering to you and set it before you.’
The Lord said, ‘I will wait until you return.’ How incredibly gracious was that? After varying offerings were set in place we come to the testing of laying out a fleece, over two nights, by Gideon. He informed God that if only dew wet them but dry ground was around it, it would be so. Gideon pushed the testing even further by requesting a second fleece test, to make the fleece dry on ground covered dew. And God did so again. This scenario makes me wonder who was pulling the fleece wool over whose eyes? I believe God had a hidden smile over Gideon’s frustrating persistence.
As humans with many faults, we have an image of ourselves extending God’s grace but feeling torn between valuing our worth in God’s eyes against measuring up to his holy expectations. However, we must consider and know of his humanity, his patience and infinite forgiveness. His purity of soul absorbs our every act, thought and intention. We will never compare and our attempts to be ‘holier than thou’ must make Jesus chuckle from Heaven. He accepted our covenant and commitment the instant we surrendered all.
We cannot be such heavenly, righteous people to even think we match the spirit of Jesus. Yet we fret, doubt and try to impress in his name. He just wants us to talk to him and share our day in prayer and yes, to lay out fleeces of our lives, dry or wet with his dew.
Feel his blessing of peace: you belong to him, just as you are, where you are and what you are, under his anointing. He values you, every fiber of you as his chosen one. So just let life be lived in his light! Gideon said, ‘Who me?’ Not why not me?
We don’t need to test by fleeces, of the word of God because he knows our hearts, our strengths and capabilities he gifted to us. Never do we need to try and pull the wool over God’s eyes, ever.

BIBLE SOURCE: Judges 6-7

Be Blessed.


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