Weekend Inspiration



Peace follows trust. We all feel cherished when we are loved unconditionally but if that fails when we try to form a relationship, the opposite happens. We feel perhaps unworthy or rejected and our soul shrivels.  That is when we must put our trust in understanding an analysis of the peace and the knowledge that we are a messenger of God and a representative of his outpouring love. In saying that, we must accept that HIS ways are not ours and therefore the peace of direction in all that we do and are is essential.

Listening and learning of biblical material gives us heart to heart experiences, that love for one another will cancel out any judgmental views, deceit, lack of caring and  ‘hearing’ what a hurting heart is saying.  Replace that criticism of our mouths into love and acceptance and then leave the conversation with the one who is aware of our circumstances. Along comes the peace of the trusting in Jesus and with love let it go!

Mark 7. says of the law at the time, that it was so, to not eat with unclean hands (unwashed), and to here to instructions of not eating unless the traditional wash was observed. The Pharisees and the law elders were adamant but the Lord said, ‘These people honor but their hearts are far from me.’  Jesus did not support these traditions and called the crowd (verse 8), ‘You have let go of the commands of God, and are holding onto the traditions of men.’ Verse 15-17, called the crowd to him again.  ‘Listen to me everyone and understand this. Nothing outside a man can make him unclean by going into him that makes him unclean by going into him.  Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him clean.

As you read this consider how often you follow traditions when you need to be seeking the spiritual truths of your God?



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