A new Song Is Coming


We had an article last week ‘Insights From Revelation’ from our Insights series.There is so much in Revelation to go through, to name most of them would be more than enough for one study

One such study is Worship and Praise, The elders and the creatures fell down in worship of Jesus {5 V8}

in chapter 5 verse 9 it talks about a new song.As with many new things in Revelation, the elders and creatures are singing a new song. In this case, new is not a chronological designation but more so the quality of the song.

The song is meant for this particular situation, not simply reused, but completely new. The song celebrates the fact that Jesus is worthy to take the scroll.

He is the One to accomplish the plan of God, leaving His eternal glory, dying as one of us, for people from every nation in the world. His dying not only achieved bring humanity back to God. His dying and rising again also enables believers to stand before God holy and just.

The song itself claims Jesus’ worthiness. The first 4 descriptive words are qualities of Jesus: Power, Wealth, Wisdom and Might. The last three describe the response to Jesus: Honor, Glory and Blessing.

There is no distinction drawn in the worship here, between The One sitting on the Throne {God} and The Lamb {Jesus} They worship them as one

There will be a new song to be sung then, but we can have a new song of redemption here and now. Psalm 40 verse 3:

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to Our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord”.

Let Him put a New Song on our hearts today, as we learn more and more how truly Awesome Our God is.

God Bless.



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