Faith In Action ‘Testimony Of Faithfulness’


A story taken from Daniel 6: Daniel was a man who loved God, and was an official in the government of the day.

The armies of Medes and Persians conquered Babylon, and King Darius, ruler of a vast empire. set up his headquarters in the city. Darius organized his empire well, he choose 120 governors to rule the many regions, and he placed 3 supervisors, to make sure they were all loyal to him. One of these 3 was Daniel.

Daniel was much better at his job then the others, and Darius had planned to put him in complete control. The Governors and other supervisors were determined that this should not happen. They were so jealous of Daniel, and wanted to get Daniel in Darius bad books, but they had trouble finding anything Daniel did wrong.

The jealous officials came up with a plan to get Daniel, because of his faith in God. Daniel would always takes the time to pray openly at his window. The officials go before Darius and make a request into law, which states that anyone who wants anything at all during the coming month, must seek it through the King.

A person must not make a request to any other person or God. The officials requested King Darius seal it into law. Darius dis not realize that it was a trap to get Daniel.

The rest of the story is well known, Daniel was thrown to the lions because of the law, but the lions didn’t harm him.

This is a testimony of faithfulness. Proverbs 29 verse 25:

“The fear of man is a snare, but the one who trust in the Lord is protected’.

This can be a testimony for all of us today.

God Bless.


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