Weekend Inspiration



Last week I brought Peter, Moses and David to our attention with a few reminders of their characters. A very Biblical reference and little knowledge of another is Joseph, the carpenter and despite valid doubts he found himself ‘chosen’ to wed a very young Mary. Despite the vast age difference let alone the shock of her pregnancy by the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine some of their conversations as well as the villagers comments and askance looks when walking out as a couple. Yet, here we have a gentle, accepting, trusting, believing man wedding this very young girl who insists she is a virgin who will bring forth a savior?

What courage Joseph had, what ridicule he must have suffered and what love he carried for his God as well as his dignity and trust in the truth of his God. It was not a random choice for Joseph to be the father of Jesus and he must have been a very devout representative of his faith. He would have encountered much ridicule and laughter from the men in his village and yet he complained not. His devotion to Mary must have been steadfast and protective and yet, due to her young age, she would have felt his wisdom, his honorable courtship, guidance and sincere compassion. Many uncertain feelings would Mary have encountered amongst her peers and felt quite rejected I suspect. Weighing all this up I conclude that God chose the parents of Jesus with extreme caution, wise assessment and with great love. This is how he also sums us up. The question is: are we worthy of such evaluation in trusting his love for each of us and are we listening?

Loving and Learning

Be Blessed


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