Insights Into Obadiah



Obadiah prophecies Judgement against the proud Edomites, who are gloating over Jerusalem’s devastation by foreign powers.

Brothers should be able to count on each other. but Edom, the brother nation of God’s people, has been nothing but an enemy.

The Israelites and the Edomites had a long history. The nations had a long history. Jacob and Esau were twin brothers, were the founding fathers. Ever since the wrestle in the womb they shared {Genesis 25 verse 21 to 26}, they lived in tension with each other.

On the Israelites journey to the promise land, they sought to pass through the territory of Edom. One would think that what could be called brotherly nations, would treat each other favorably, but the isrealists were refused passage through.

The enmity between the Edomites and God’s people continued right up until Obaddiah’s day. God commissioned Obadiah to give his message to the Edomites. In a gracious gesture, God wanted the Edomites to know why they were about to be destroyed. He allows them to be told before it happens hoping they will turn to Him.

Sadly, they do not. While it takes a few more centuries for Obadiah’s prophecy to come to pass, the Edomites were destroyed.

God’s people are His people, they are His responsibility, even though they have not followed Him with all their hearts, they are still His. Their enemies are His enemies, and when Esau’s descendants clearly show that they are choosing evil, God steps in to defend His people.

Under the mighty hand of God, His people are protected and cared for, but God would love us all, to have a closer trusting relationship with Him. And Our Lord and Our Friend is always there to welcome us back, even if we have gone astray.

Trust in a loving God is what we were all created for.

God Bless.


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