Weekend Inspiration



Trust seems to mean faith and a huge dose of love. The other words that come to mind and flow, are patience, empathy and peace. To have faith but not love for others does not match up emotionally. Someone who professes to hold much faith will maybe talk often about their belief in religious deeds and do good works but if shown in pride and insincerity will find they are not connecting to the human heart and impatience verbally will arise. This leads to a separation between those who are loving, patient people with empathy as in trusting God from the teachings of the Bible. They will respond to the heart evidence of what is written by our lord with trust and recognize his living lessons of faith. The alternative is to counteract that with words but no heart faith and without empathy. Life with faith and true trust that the Lord will know the issues and the trials will pass on to peace, the dark clouds will lift, and HIS love will fulfill your life with his love and light.

Those with failed faith and empty words and who have verbal doubt but speak without heart faith will need to search more deeply to acknowledge deeper trust in humility and faith feelings of acting in love, not intellectual spouting of words, criticism or rejection.



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