Insights Into The Book Of ‘1st Peter’


Continuing our insight series, this is 1 Peter, so enjoy.

it is Peter giving instructions on holy living for those suffering persecution.

Peter was a disciple and friend of Jesus, who got to watch first hand how Jesus lived. Peter listened to the inflections in Jesus’ voice as he spoke and watched his facial expressions as He interacted and met people.

Peter’s has unique insight into Who Jesus is, the significance of what he did and how we are all to live in the light of it.

With this insight, the Lord prompts Peter to write an encouraging letter to believers who are being persecuted.

Didn’t fit the mix, well Jesus was a stone that the builders , His own people rejected because He didn’t fit in their mix.

Jesus is The stone, they rejected because He didn’t fit their mix. But Jesus is the most important stone, the cornerstone of God’s New temple. The temple being Us, God lives in Us now. We are to be his temple and show the world Who He is.

Having Jesus in our lives, we don’t fit the mix of the world either, so we will be persecuted too. Our Home, our Real Home now is in God’s Kingdom, which He will one day bring to earth in His fullness.

We are being opposed by powers of darkness, {but to call them powers is giving them to much credence, they were defeated at the cross}. We just need to live ‘In Him’ more and more.

We must remind ourselves that even those these powers work against us for who we are ‘In Him’. We are to face our persecution knowing that Our Lord, Our redeemer and Our Friend defeated all the powers of darkness and that one day, He will bring in His full victory.

Here and n,and display Christ love to this fallen world.

We are to live God’s love.

Our focus should be on Him, because life will be painful here in a world we were not made for {we were made to live in God’s Kingdom}. Our focus on that which last for ever, for the day is coming where we will live in His presence forever. And even better we will never have to leave.

Focus on the Eternal, not just what we can see now.

God Bless.


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