Faith In Action ‘That Our Heart Would Be Open To God’


When we read the story of Hannah 1 Samuel 1 to 5. We read Hannah was childless, He husband’s other wife, Peninnah, has several children and Peninah heartlessly throws that fact in Hannah’s face.

Hannah seeks God in His sanctuary and with desperate abandon pours out her heart to Him. Hannah pleads for a son, and promises that she will dedicate the child to the Lord..

Hannah poured out her heart to God, and God could see the sincerity of her heart. God knew Hannah meant every word, she prayed. From the heart of one of Gods’ daughters came a prayer directly after His.

God must have been elated the day Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to Him.A lesser person would have use an excuse, when they got what they wanted.

Our Lord did not give Hannah the gift of one son Samuel. He gave her three sons and two daughters. A woman whose heart was overwhelmed with love for Her God was again overwhelmed by His goodness to her.

The Lord did not just make Samuel any old servant of His. The Lord made Samuel a prophet and Israels last judge. Samuel was to be a great man who changed the course of a nation.

A woman poured out her heart to God, under disturbing pressure and mocking, God could see the sincerity of her prayer.

God always hears, but does he always see the sincerity of our hearts in what we ask from Him

God Bless.


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