Weekend Inspiration



Firstly, we need to know that evil is as real today as it was in the Lord’s time on earth. Those who respond in hatred against the presence of goodness are real so be aware and observant every day. We need to have integrity and uphold moralistic laws of life as we never know when God will call us. Practice Gods way, protect your loved ones from sinful exposure. It is the nature of evil you need to combat in the unseen threats of life around you. Pray, praise and protect every day with trust. Isaiah 49:23 ‘They shall not be ashamed that wait for me.’ Shame should not be a part of worship so cleanse the daily lives of your tether, remember God is at the other end with love and waiting.

‘And he took them and went aside privately into a desert place.’ (Luke 9/10)

Often, to grow, we must be much alone to receive grace for our soul. A single quiet hour of prayer will rest your spirit. It is in the desert that the dew falls freshest and the air the purest.

‘And, after the earthquake a fire; after the fire, a sound of gentle stillness.’

(1 Kings 19:12.) My experience has been that in New Zealand earthquakes that the incredible silence comes before the earthquakes. Stillness can also be felt, heard, as God’s voice is the ear of love. Learn also to hear that still voice and to wait on God for the unfolding of his will. It will not need an earthquake to heed his plans for you so listen for the gentle quiet whispers to your heart.

‘Come, you, aside from all the world holds dear, converse with him all the world has never known. Alone with me, with my Father here, me, and my father, not alone.’

To sum up, be aware of the presence of evil-wait for him without shame-pray, praise protect and trust-seek quietness to hear his voice for his unfolding plans for you-be alone with him often. Our trials clear the obscurity to give light and blessings to our lives.

SOURCES: The Word for Today – The Living Bible- Springs in the Desert-Streams in the Valley.

Hear his voice for you.


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