Where Are Those Sheep



Have you observed sheep lately? The way they bleat and call their lambs to their side. The way they huddle together to gather in a storm? How they fall over when their wool is too wet and heavy and wait for the shepherd to haul them up? If the shepherd does not check on his sheep he may lose them. It seems there is just one sheep who leads the others around the fields.

Having had a lot to do with sheep, I notice the leading one will follow a trail for hours between a wire fence and a rocky hill across stony ground, one behind the other believing they will find more grass. One by one they trot in single file behind the leading sheep but come to another fence or are blocked by a rock. There they stay stuck, bleating their distress unable to return or back up. Hopefully, a sensible, caring shepherd and his dogs can scatter the rear sheep, working his way to the front one who has been a leader but not so reliable after all. It thought it was going to seek new pastures of grass for all but became blocked in until the shepherd re-directed it to safer ground.

Did they learn not to follow various leaders of the flock in following a trail, seeking better pastures? Do we? When their lambs are taken from the sheep after a while, they cry and call for about two days and continue to graze and so trust their shepherd to continue nurturing.

Have you also noticed that after sheep have been shorn and go through the release gate leaping with joy, free of fear, having shed their heavy burdens of wool?

So are we listening and following our Shepherd’s example?

Submit-follow-trust-a leap of joy-without fear-shedding our fears in faith.

Shedding Wool with Lorraine

Be Blessed

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