Weekend Inspiration



Hear, feel the tears of petition, rain from clouds above.

Voices so fragile with pain, fall from hurting hearts.

Yet in the stillness of prayer sent to the Lord with love,

we ask and remind him to intervene on our behalf.

So many deepest of trials, release us Lord, we plead,

trust, for his answers to come fast to last,

but what if he had answers from his life book

we are not yet to read?

If he should reveal a truth where we prefer not to look?

His purposes for us are perfect you see,

as he places his protection around thee.

His hands, so he may, take years to set us free,

of a puzzling mystery he unwinds and re-arranges,

like a storm tossed tree.

We may have to await the outcome as he weaves

through chaos, lost hopes for all of us to believe

with faith, in strength, for the promises from HE,

such as in joy, acceptance and praise of all he will be.

To show his mercy, his compassion may take time

to sow as we let control go, leave it all to him

to forgive, to lift the burdens from our sin.

In everything we do plead, pray, trust and rejoice with him.

His fragrant anointing grants much peace after each storm.

Nothing from the Lord will let us mourn,

as his love forsakes us not, through every dawn.

So rest and refresh your soul until no longer torn.

May our spirit feel his presence and as his servant, be sworn.

Others will see your faith revealed as our daily spirit of love is born.

Be Blessed


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